London Social Centre Network Meeting, 31st January

It’s been a while since the last London Social Centre network meeting and there has been a lot of change over recent months. At this time of new beginnings let’s come together and discuss the future of spaces and the network that binds them together. But it’s not all about analysing our activities, it’s also about getting to know each other so why not make an afternoon of it! Prepare a dish and bring it along to LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel on Sunday 31st January. Eat and meet from 1pm, start general discussions around 2pm and then at around 4pm there will be a discussion on Safer Spaces Policy.

Possible topics for discussion;

– An Update on Spaces of the Past & Present

– An analysis of the function of different spaces and how they interact with each other

– To squat or not to squat: how more stable / permanent spaces like LARC and 56a interact with squatted spaces that come and go…

– The London Social Centre website: it’s there, it’s being updated but is it being used?

– InfoUsurpa: producing, printing & distributing:

– the London FreeSchool: skill-sharing and social centres:

It would be fab to have as many people and spaces present so please help spread the word…


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