Non Commercial House CALL OUT to share the fun!!



This place is basically a giant Free Shop, for people to share, recycle what they dont need, take what they need. It is an amazing and very succesful project that started just over 3 months ago. It is also a very uplifting example of an anti-capitalist and anti-hierarchy pro-active stand. Not only rejecting what we see as a source of misery in our world (capitalism and all that…) but creating alternatives, directly, with our own tiny little hands! Direct action as a bunch of people simply getting together and doing what they want to do, and having fun doing it! 🙂

It is opened to the public from Friday to Sunday 12-8pm.

There are also some regular events (like Spanish lessons, fillm screenings, discussions, workshops…)
check for update


Unfortunately, and its not unusual, the project relies on a small number of people. If you want to get involved and/or propose any event, give a hand in maintaining the space or just hang around, then come along on any open day or to our weekly “getting together” on tuesdays 7pm!

you can also contact us noncommercialhouse at

hope to see you soon

love and rage!

x x x

The Non Commercial House people
- e-mail: noncommercialhouse at
- Homepage: http://


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