##VHS Video Basement## Social Space


A new social space / free picture house has opened in the heart of Soho, London UK.
Just off Oxford Street at 9 Great Chapel Street, we are occupying an old English language school and have converted the basement into a temporary cinema. It is called the VHS Video Basement. We are running a two week long program from 13 – 24 July of midnight screenings, mini film festivals and film workshops until our trial date. A full schedule is available on our website at http://ohninesoho.blogspot.com

Please contact us and get involved. We have a gallery on the ground floor and access to the roof, so if you want to show work in the gallery show a film or run a workshop, get in touch. We have an open dinner each night at 6.30pm. You can phone 07962483750, 07939651331 or just ring all the buzzers, as someone is always in.

We plan to continue opening derelict makeshift picture houses. We believe in DIY cinema, in a makeshift self-propelled incessant cinema of desire. The British film industry is stale and addicted to formula and art cinemas that show alternatives are over priced. The VHS Video Basement is an alternative, a true social space where the power of a collective cinema can be rediscovered.


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