London Social Centers Network meeting

For you reading this post, this is an invite to a London Social Centers Network meeting, on sunday 25th of January, at 4pm. The idea is to meet in the newly opened social center somewhere in Stoke newington. Contact Jess for details later this month.

For those of you who didnt know, some of us had a chat about social center networking during the “rampART’s revival meeting” few weeks ago.

We might have reinvented the wheel a bit, but all of us were quite keen on trying again to network the existing social centers in London, squatted or not.

There are already existing tools that we might want to try to use a bit more!:
– A London Social Centres Network (LSCN ) website at
– A LSCN discussion list [londonscn-discuss] at :
– A LSCN events and announcement list at:
– InfoUsurpa (

At the 25th january meeting, we thought we could talk about:
– our experiences as social centers
– our practice with neighborhood (if any, or if planned)
– Housing situation in our neighborhood.
– maybe preparing an open conference on Social center (to get together, to publicise the idea of social centers etc.)
– and of course, what to do as a network! 🙂

Places we thought about contacting for the meeting, if you think of any other place, contact them!
– 56a infoshop
– rampART
– Pogo cafe
– The Library House in Brixton
– new place in Stokey
– The Morgue in Dalston
– May fair-Da!collective crew
– Old buddhist center in Waterloo
– Nunhead Chapel project
– The Spike

Hope to see you all soon!